Functional Skills English and Maths Level 1

Care Certificate Level 2

Diploma in Care Level 2

Lived in the UK/EU for at least 3 years.

Age 19+


Fully Funded


To gain the Award there are 3 mandatory units to complete:

The principles of infection prevention and control

Causes and spread of infection

Cleaning, decontamination and waste management



Lead Adult Care Workers are the frontline staff who help adults with care and  support needs to achieve their personal goals and live independently and safely as possible, enabling them to have control and choice in their lives. In addition, Lead Adult Care Workers have responsibility for providing supervision, frontline leadership, guidance and direction for others, or working autonomously,exercising judgement and accountability.

This Apprenticeship is ideal for employees that provide healthcare support to adults in a range of settings and are ready to take the next step in their healthcare career. These employees deliver high quality, compassionate care to every person whether they work in a person’s own home, residential or nursing home, or a clinical setting. Current roles could include:
• Lead Adult Care
• Lead Personal Assistant
• Rehabilitation worker
• Key Worker
• Domiciliary Care Worker
• Senior Care Assistant
• Support Worker
• Complementary Therapist

The Lead Adult Care Worker will, in some cases, hold responsibility for the standard of care provided and may supervise the work of other care workers. This autonomy and accountability means leading and supporting others to comply with expected standards and behaviours. It also includes:
• Promoting Safeguarding and protection in care settings
• Promoting and supporting health and safety in care settings
• Mentoring and developing staff
• Liaising with other professionals to support individuals.
• Effective Communication through written and verbal means, including the development of care planning

This apprenticeship provides an ideal entry into the occupation and supports progression within the sector.  It will also help you to develop the leadership qualities of a front line worker.

You will gain the knowledge and skills in coaching which involves:

  • The indicators for good physical and mental health
  • The main types of mental health
  • Legislations, policies and ways of working; duty of care, safeguarding
  • Signs of abuse
  • Promotion of health care and support
  • Working with multi-disciplinary teams
  • Person centred care, treatment and support