Functional Skills English and Maths Level 1

Lived in the UK/EU for at least 3 years.

Age 19+

This qualification allows the learner to gain a grounding in a wide range of topics, for instance: · Effective communication · Introduction to ICT · Applying for a job · Interview skills · Searching for a job · Prepare for and attend an interview · Effective written communication for the workplace · Plan and make a journey using public transport · Lift and handle safely



The Employability Skills programmes are designed to help those wishing to gain essential skills to assist those wishing to gain employment. This qualification supports the learner’s development of key skills and attitudes valued by employers.

Sigma’s Entry Level Award in Employability Skills is designed specifically for those clients that are seeking employment and for those who have been out of employment for a number of years.

On completion learners will be able to understand and demonstrate suitable work, personal skills, attitudes, thinking and behaviour and will be more confident at interview, when completing an application or during the job searching experience.


This qualification is aimed at those who want to improve their employment prospects; get into a job, develop on the job or move onto the next job, to help them live a more independent life, or progress in education.

There are no prior qualifications / levels of attainment in order to take this qualification and is suitable for all those in the 19+ age range.


Throughout this course you will build a portfolio of evidence that will show you competence in each of the required units. The evidence will be continuously assessed by your tutor and submitted for final assessment at the end of the course, during the course you will:

· Complete an induction & Initial assessment

· Complete the following units:

o 306 – Applying for a job

This unit introduces the learner to some different ways in which they could be requested to apply for a job, including the requirements of job application forms and presenting information for a basic job application form. Evidence for this will be in the form of completing a job application and a CV, both online and paper-based.

o 308 – Searching for a job

This unit is to help the learner know how to search for and identify potential job roles which are based on their skills and abilities. The learner will also be introduced to the key elements of job adverts.

o 309 – Prepare for and attend an interview

For this unit the learner will understand how to prepare for an interview. They will also take part in a mock interview with their tutor.


· 10 Days (continuous or flexible)

· 0930 hrs – 1600 hrs

· Must achieve 51 Guided Learning Hours.


Will the qualification lead to employment, and if so, in which job role at which level?

The qualification provides grounding into the generic skills required to succeed in all occupations. The qualification can assist learners’ chances of gaining employment in any industry and progressing in education to assist their career development.

Will the qualification support progression to further learning, if so, what to?

This qualification provides a solid grounding to employability and personal development skills, which will enable progression to employment and/or to further learning including qualifications such as:

• Functional Skills

• Essential Skills Wales

• Essential Skills (Northern Ireland)

• Vocational qualifications

There are smaller and larger versions of this qualification at the same level:

· Entry Level 3 Introductory Award in Employability Skills

· Entry Level 3 Extended Award in Employability Skills

· Entry Level 3 Certificate in Employability Skills

· Entry Level 3 Extended Certificate in Employability Skills

· Entry Level 3 Diploma in Employability Skills