About Us

Sigma leads the way in designing, implementing and executing business turn arounds, developing business solutions implemented through people and processes.

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With a rich history dating back to 2001, Sigma is an owner-led business with subject matter experts who exude passion, focus, drive, and determination delivering excellence. Our expertise has seen us support organisations transform their efficiency and productivity resulting in -improving standards and profitability. We do this via:

  • managed teams
  • creating focused business-related skills and knowledge gaps,
  • training, coaching, and mentoring.
  • creating a learning environment within your business.

Training, skills academies and centres are at the heart of our solutions.

At Sigma, we do things differently too many training providers offer the same products and services.

We are unique, and that is exactly what sets us apart and makes Sigma the first choice for employers.

What we do

Sigma delivers across England working with employers to design and implement bespoke solutions to upskill the whole workforce from new starters through to the executive team.

A major part of our approach is the design and delivery of manpower and skills solutions, helping organisations to lift their skills base, develop talent pipelines, and make real impact whilst driving an invigorated and engaged culture.


Analytical Services

We listen, understand and analyse your business needs, identifying key projects with your management and workforce. We remove cost through focused improved teams, training & upskills your employees and disseminating the corporate and strategic needs of the business right through to ‘grass roots’ level. This deliver process will make sure that all business functions are aligned to business improvement.

Training / Coaching / Upskilling services

Using our business improvement techniques, together, we create a ‘learning factory’ in side your business. This provides real measurement in the workplace and real on the job learning that drives the entire business towards continuous improvement. Sigma have real knowledge and understanding of business needs to deliver class leading training and coaching and deliver recognised qualifications.

Manpower Workforce Solutions

Sigma will develop bespoke solutions for each customer and project. These custom-built systems will ensure that you can measure the business & learner journey, skills progression, productivity, cost efficiency, utilisation of resources and much more to impact profitability and cash flow.